SECRID x Sheltersuit Bandwallet TPU - Orange



The upcycled aluminum Cardprotector with a Dutch pavement tile-inspired design, etched with Sheltersuit Foundation's 'People Helping People, is the heart of the Bandwallet. It serves as a lasting reminder to take action for the homeless.

For every scratch-resistant and water-repellent Bandwallet sold, Secrid will donate $10 to the Sheltersuit Foundation. This donation supports the production and distribution of Sheltersuits and Shelterbags.

Bandwallet TPU

High-frequency welded TPU cover that continues to retain its form, feel and color. Compactly closed with a specially engineered elastic.

  • 4 embossed or 6 flat cards
  • 4 extra cards
  • Banknotes
  • Business cards
  • Receipts
Size and weight
  • 68 x 103 x 19 mm
  • 98 g

The cradle to gate impact of this wallet, packaging included, has the following environmental footprint in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and energy usage. The CO2-impact of the production of this wallet is 100% compensated.